Maxxia Campaigns

I worked on the Strategy, Concepting, Art Direction, Typography, Print & Digital Design Whilst at Maxxia, I had the opportunity to work on a number of campaigns. I collaborated on the campaign strategy and visual concepts, then as the designer I created and executed the final concepts into production.

New Car Package
This campaign was aimed at customers who were familiar with Maxxia's services but needed a visual reminder about the benefits that Maxxia could provide if you leased a car through them.
We wanted to show that leasing the car you want with Maxxia, with all the bells and whistles, is as easy and fun as picking that great toy car off the rack as a child.
The flyer was designed to be hung from a stand so that it appeared as if it were a real toy car. These would be used at customer events and as leave behinds.

Endless Summer Of Savings
This campaign was released just before summer and the peak of the Australian vacation season. 
It provoked our customers to ask the question "how can I make the most out of my summer" and the answer; making your money go further by using Maxxia so you can have more fun.

More For Your Dollar
A campaign with an educational focus it's primary purpose to physically point out what you get included with a lease from Maxxia and how that makes your dollar go further than any other option.
The printed pieces urged customers to find out ore about these savings by directing them to a landing page where they met Greg; a real customer talking about the savings he made with Maxxia.
Photo manipulation was used here - figure was removed from the original image and placed with another vehicle on a white background.

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