Plan Management Partners

Plan Management Partners provides a service to individuals living with disability helping to manage disability funds – provided by the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme – to ensure the scheme is meeting their needs.

My role was to develop the PMP branding. I worked closely with the Creative Director and executive stakeholders to turn around a complete branding suite within a strict deadline of two weeks. 
This included a logo, stationery set, event material and educational collateral.
I also collaborated with the Creative Director on the brand style guide and with the digital designer to drive brand continuity throughout all mediums. 
PMP had to appeal to a broad client base. It had to engage the young adult managing their disability independently, the care giver looking after a young or elderly family member and the independent older generation.
We wanted the brand to feel welcoming, friendly and trustworthy but still highly professional and mindful of the seriousness that comes with managing peoples finances.
• • •

A number of logo designs were created, each trying to represent these values.
The one design that spoke the loudest was final PMP brand you see above.
• • •

The icon was an abstract representation of a bird in flight, a symbol of freedom and independence.
The same life qualities that the PMP customer strived for.
• • •

We chose a bright and refreshing colour palette for an inviting, friendly feeling that also echoes growth, freedom and happiness. The dark blue ties in the corporate values of trust and integrity bringing a seriousness to the brand without overpowering the emotional values. 
• • •

The Quinta typeface is contemporary and professional looking but there is also a softness to it with its subtle rounded corners and hand-writing inspired letter tails. The typeface compliments the notions of friendliness and familiarity whilst working well as a legible, easy-on-the-eye body font 
• • •

Once the logo was finalised, print pieces followed. A stationery set was designed then additional pieces such as event material, presentation deck and education collateral.
Development of the PMP brand was highly praised by executive stakeholders for surpassing brief expectations, which was then followed by a successful company launch with a high engagement rate of the target customer.  
Branding for Plan Management Partners was developed whilst working at McMillan Shakespeare.

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